# 12/1
I have a penchant for chess. // 我酷爱象棋,上瘾
Please allow me to replenish your glass. // 再斟满
I want to be a cattle rancher. // 牧场主
Reveal some details, please.
But that's not the case. // 这不是事实
In this case // 在这种情况下
In any case, there is no such thing as a free lunch. //无论在什么情况下
Here you can see that a single socket has been overloaded with multiple plugs - which is a fire hazard. // 插座/火灾隐患
The trailing cable here is ready and waiting to trip someone up. // 这个拖线随时会绊倒行人
We're not all weightlifters. // 我们不是举重运动员
Behavior and movement have a major impact on your wellbeing.
4 of the most influential players in NBA:
I was a victim of a hit-and-run accident on Monday.//肇事逃逸
I will watch your back.
He was under lots of pressure/stress.
# 11/29
They were already looking into adoption.
The patient was full conscious hours after the operation.
Milk and cheese is high in calcium.
Flip a coin to make decision.
Wait in line to vote.
Our morale is high.
He is suffering chronic neck and back pain.
Due to an oversight by the developers.
I was so touched/moved.
to dodge the bullet.
The slow motion clearly shows how he dodges the bullet.
He is insane.
It’s time you pay for that.
That’s a bummer. // 可真是无可赖何
I didn’t lie to you.
The best part is
You have black circles.
Don’t roll your eyes.
I mean it.
You are so considerate.
How is that possible?
See you around.
I’m not going everywhere.
Answer your phone.
How is your family?
It’s good to hear your voice.
I saw him in the flesh.
He is resourceful man. // 他是个足智多谋的人
A man gambles with what he has.
I swear to you.
It’s crystal clear.
Because you deserve it.
I’m sorry I screwed up.
It’s tough. // 很棘手
There is no threat to the company.
It’s up to you.
In that case.. // 在这种情况下,如果那样的话
Does it matter?
I’m tired of it.
It’s just beyond me.
I can swear on the Bible.
I never lose my faith.
We are prepared for that. // 我们做好了准备
I can’t image that.
We have nothing in common. // 我们没有什么共同点
You always have the sixth sense.
A day and a half.
We need to figure everything out.
This (option) is not on the table. // 这个不在可选的范围内
It’s my responsibility. // 这是我的责任
We need a break.
Say something, for God sake. // 看在老天的份上
Regain my self-control.
Who’s after me?
I figured it out. // 我想出来了
We have a green light. // 我们可以动手了
Let’s take a moment to remember.
It doesn’t matter.
What’s the alternative? // 不要用where
He used to be a friend to me.
Get the truth.
I don’t blame you.
Not everyone is fit to be a parent.
I didn’t make it.
A better life.
I will go prepare.
waiting lounge.
I moved to this city in 2012.
He is pissed. // 他很生气
I was cynical about everything when I was young. // 愤世嫉俗
He is an able man. // 他是个能干的人
That’s a good sign. // 好兆头
Clam soup. Shellfish
I don't like refined sugar.
Cassette tapes // 磁带
Olive trees
willow trees
simply wonderful. // 简直太棒了
It’s debatable. // 可讨论的,没有最后决定的
It’s naive of you. // 你太天真了
I’m on a job. // 我在忙,我有事情
I’m pretty sure.
Fire alarm.
Do you see the object? // 你看到目标了吗?
You're an asshole.
How can I reach you?
The coffee is so strong.
It will get worse.
He is pissed.
# 11/29
Go forward and don't look back.
This will end in tears.
I want a second chance.
What are your plans? // 不要用where
Do the laundry.
The lives are at stake. // 生命危在旦夕
The question is open-ended.
Sorry, I didn't get it.
Don't pressure me.
I'm in the middle of it.
Everyone is self-interest.
Half brother.
Hopefully, I'll be back home by ten o'clock.
Come on in
I want to make amends.
My parents are understanding.
We have a tight schedule.
This is not a drill.
Crude oil price.
Keep your eyes on.
Keep your voice down.
What happens next?
It means a lot.
I don't want to take a man's life.
I'll get back to you.
Let's get it done. // 让我们搞定它
In the first place. // 第一时间,在最初的时候
From asset to liability.
You are a big man now.
I have faith.
My headache went away.
For all departed. // 为了所有逝去的人
I don't want to be unfaithful to my wife.
I wish you luck.
Raise glasses to celebrate.
Every option is on the table.
What's the hurry? // 你在着急什么呢?
I'm grateful.
Good to know. Thanks.
I want to take my chances. // 我想冒险试一试,我想抓住这次机会
I'm not for sale. // 不要想收买我
He broke her heart.
He is so rude.
Your account is frozen.
I'm out of my mind.
We have right to appeal.
classified information
I'm on your side.
We never back off. // 我们从不退缩
Ruin my day/life.
I couldn't stand if anymore.
Leave her alone.
Leave her mother behind.
We were stuck at home.
Is something wrong?
It's upsetting.
The information is flawed.
I have a job interview today.
I don't buy it.
I never asked for this job.
For every action there is a reaction.
I'm looking for you, please call me back.
You are in charge.
Step aside. // 靠边站。
# 11/25
The devil is in details.
The god is in details.
To be, or not to be, that is the question.
Now is the winter of our discontent. - Shakespeare
"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."
"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” - Linus"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking." - Steve Jobs"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama
"Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe
# 11/24
Let me sleep on it and back to you tomorrow.
Could I sleep on it and let you know tomorrow?
It is customary to eat dumplings on these festivals.
I habitually go jogging in the morning.
Please give me one more minute.
Overall, this is a very useful book.
Unfortunately, the plan backfired.
Are you nervous? You bet.
She'll soon get used to the school. I wouldn't bet on that.
She was carrying a baby(twins).
It's reasonable to assume that the economy will continue to improve.
She was sacked for refusing to work on Sundays.
Don't lose your faith. Faith is strong than reason.
I have great faith in you. I know you will do well.
I will abide by our decision.Trade sanctions were imposed against any country that refused to sign the agreement.
The economic sanctions have been lifted.
You look gorgeous.
There was no power outage in my city.
He will make his debut this week.
Please God, don't let him be dead.




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