English 42-1

# basketball
referee 裁判
three-second violation 三秒违例
technical foul 技术犯规
travel 走步
blocking foul 阻挡犯规
charging foul 带球撞人
# pod: Me new boyfriend
He is really good-looking.
You must fill me in.
In his early thirties..
In his late thirties.
Career path
# pod: Chinese new year
tech me how to play Mahjong
firecrackers vs fireworks
Fireworks aren't toys, they are dangerous.
I can't wait to watch the dragon dance.
Can I sit on your shoulder this time?
Can I get a pen & a piece of paper?
# hj: comparatives construction, 比较级的构建
not xx enough
as xx as
the more, the more(less)
The little boy is not enough to go to school.
He is as pretty as her mother.
The more he gets, the more he wants.
Coffee is as tasty as tea.
Train isn't as fast as air plane.
The more you exercise, the stronger you will be.
The boy isn't tall enough.
Sofa is much more comfortable than armchair.
Brazilian is better than other soccer teams.
A 7-seater SUV is bigger than a sports car.
Kenya is as hot as Brazil.make a comparison.##
Let's look at Mary's story. Let's go back to Mary's story.
He is not strong enough. I want him to be as strong as his brother.
You must eat as much as you can.
The more you eat, the stronger you will be.
The stronger you are, the healthier you will be.
The healthier you are, the happier you will be.
I'm as heavy as an elephant. My bed isn't strong enough.
My cloths are not big enough.
I'm not as cool as Carl.
I hope I'm as slim as you.
What is Mary worried about?
Soy-milk 豆奶
Soy-milk is as good as milk. I'll buy some.
These apples are cheaper, but they aren't as big as those ones.
I want some roast duck, although it's not light enough.我想要烤鸭虽然不清淡It's as cold as ice in here.
I'm leaving now.
retell the story 重新讲一遍
Can you retell the story with help of the pictures.
The carnations are as fresh as the roses.Which is convenient?Shall we download a movie and watch it on the iPad?
I'm afraid the internet connection is not fast enough to download a movie.
Why do you leave all these books on the desk?
Because the book shelf is not large enough to hold the books.
How about we take a break and have a quick launch?
Good idea, we can order some hamburgers from KFC.
# fj: will/would/shall: willingness/intention/determination
Modal verbs: 情态动词
New year's Cliche.
New year's resolution.
Todo list.
Become tider.
Start saving money.
Stop procrastinating.
决心:重读, will/would/shall,表示一定要如何
will适用于第一人称, 以及一切人称
I will take it. No one is going to stop me.
He will not do what she's told
I won't go back on my words.
You shall obey the rules.
You would buy an $8000 treadmill.
It was very code last night, but he would go out without a coat.
## determination
You are on diet. -> I will eat it today.
What's your sister's resolution? She will lose weight.
You are step on my foot. You shall say sorry to me.
Where is the other driver? He hit me and escaped.
He shall take the responsibility.
She would marry him in spite of my opposition.
Clean my room every two days.
Save 30% of my salary every month.
Make a to-do list every day.
## 表示意愿intention的时候不用重读,可以I'll/we'll
You shall get support from me.
How will you brother spend his summer holiday?
He'll travel to Paris.
You shall stay with us as long as you like.
My son wants to study French. Good for him. He shall get my support.固定用法:
Shall we?
Shall I open it for you?
Would you give me a hand to clean the room?
Would you help me, please? -> I will.
Will you marry me? -> Yes, I will.
Why didn't you bring Mary here? -> I tried, but she wouldn't come.
I hear that you made some New Year's Resolutions? Are things go well?
Not exactly. I told Sam I would fulfill my promises. But the plans are hard for to carry out.
Do you want some advice? 不可数名词
Sure. I will do anything as long as it's helpful.
Well, just focus on one thing at a time. This will save you much time.
Ok, great. I will try that.
By the way, where are we going for lunch?
Shall we go to Mark's cafe?
You shall never stay in my garden.
I will win the prize next time.
He would travel around the world with his family.
I will go swimming twice a week.
She said she would not cheat on me.
I shall contact you when I receive it.
I will buy things to make her happy.
Would you give me a hand to clean the room?
I didn't mean to.
I was late for work this morning. I will be on time next time.
If you break something, you shall admit your mistake.
She said she would go jogging 3 times a week.
You shall stop playing games on your phone.
She said she would learn French in 3 months.
She will memorize 20 French words every day.
Jim says he will go on a diet.
I will stick to my plan.
I won't grab an ice cream.
"Your success now is our country's success. I am rooting hard for you," 
good luck in the exams; we're all rooting for you!
# FJ: comparatives 比较级
Starting point
I try to be a good son, but my mom never seems to be satisfied.
Why can't you be a better son?
What should I do?
You should wear nicer clothes.
Your hair should be shorter.
And you should be more polite.
What can you do to be a better son?
He is younger than you, but he is more understanding.
He graduated from a better school.
Ben eats healthier food, and he is fitter.
You eat a lot of junk food, so you are fatter.
Ben wears nicer clothes, and he is wiser.
What does Ian's mom talk about Ben?
What should I do to make you satisfied?
He is a better son.
He is stronger than you.
He is happier than you, and he is more vigorous than you.
I can't take my eyes off you.
Vladimir Putin plans to step down next year.
2020 election
swing states: 摇摆州
ballot (投的)票
count ballots 计票
Stop the count. 停止计票-这句话会成为一个笑话的。
Keep the faith.
Be patient.
Every vote must be counted.
Count every vote. vs Stop the count.
vote for Trump/Biden
vote Trump out.
Biden takes slim lead in Pennsylvania.
partisan 坚定的盟友
concede 不情愿承认
mink 水貂,荷兰丹麦大规模杀死水貂因为担心传染covid-19
Central heating is a heating system for buildings.
Central heating starts today.
# faith
I have great faith in you.
I came here in good faith.
parking lot: 停车场,引申指把一些暂时无法确定的事情放到一起
He is a coward.
I'm tired of writing code.
What's going on?
# Star war
That's not exactly what I meant. 这不是
The dark side.
I have no excuse. 我没有借口(也就是我承认我错了等)
It makes me feel uneasy.
They need you, more than you known.
I'm on your side.
You never let me down.
Search your feeling.
I have to admit...
All who gain power are afraid to lose it.
I don't know what to say.
The Jeti use their power for good.
He could save others from death, but not himself.
I have a question about BP work. We know A & J have been working on BP for a long time, and we also have Quote/SCC work right now. So my question is, do we need to spend some of our time together to finish BP?
## design
For the Entry point, we see action sheet, it's iOS style, how about Android?
For the enroll flow? I think it's for a new customer or a customer who didn't enroll before. If add a payee, we may need to login again, and the payee will show up in the list of payee. Just as identity service, we have to wait for several minutes or even more.
# HJ shall/should/ought 情态动词
I'm really into him. Should I ask him out?
No, you shouldn't. You should wait.
I bet he'll ask you one day.
He just ask me out. Should I accept?
Are you kidding me? You always looked forward to this day.
But shouldn't play hard to get?
No, you shouldn't. What if he asked another girl out?
Shall we see a movie?
We ought to help people in need.
We should accept his invitation.
Ought we (to) stop now?
ought to 语气更重, 在否定句疑问句中可以省略toShall I? Shall we ?
Should I? Shouldn't I ?
Shall we go to the museum park?Where should I sign my name?
Sign here, please.
You shouldn't watch TV anymore.
Should I tell the truth?
No, you shouldn't. A white lie will be more helpful.
It's your sister's wedding tomorrow. Should we buy her some flowers?
Yes, we should. Let's give her our best wishes.
What should we do now?
We ought to call the police.
# HJ: suggestions Advice
Shall we? Should I?
Ought we know on the door?
We ought to go & see Mary tomorrow.
We ought not to cross the street against the red light.
Should I put the book into the bag?You shouldn't eat much Junky food.(fast food)If I'm on a diet, I should eat fruits and peppers.(round peppers)
If I want to develop muscles, I should eat more meat.
If I want to lose weight, I shouldn't eat too many carbohydrates.
If I can't stand spicy food, I shouldn't eat red peppers.
metabolism: 新陈代谢
Sammy's colleague had an operation and she is in the hospital. Sammy is visiting her this Sunday.
And she doesn't know what to bring to the hospital. So this Saturday Sammy asks her sister Jessica for advice.
Act out the conversation between Sammy and Jessica to discuss what to bring when visiting someone in hospital.
They decide to make a pizza together.What should you not do in public?
What ought you to do if you want to make a cake?
If you visit a strange country, what should you prepare?
After I quit smoking I was allergic to cigarette smoke.
We should focus on what we are reading.
'a lot of' is universal
When starting this idea, we want to bring a lot of fun to our customers, on top of that, when we wrote this piece of code, it made us happy.
my teammates, xx, xx, they are brilliant & smart.
Thank you, guys.
A special thank to XX, he suggested that I'd better add audio.
Really appreciate.
# 10/11
## LLS
the flip side
The phone backs up photos automatically but the flip side is that the service is not cheap.
I know you care about her feelings.
I hope so.
Take it easy.
Take a selfie.
This raises the problem of ...
This raises the problem of whether we should rebook our flight tickets.

That's the point.
That's exactly the point.
You lied to me. That's just the point.
But can't you do sth
But can't you see there is a 'No Left' sign.
It looks tasty, but can't you see the limited-time offer.
But the real question is.Hang out with sb 和人出去鬼混She leaned out over the railing.
He was leaning over the railing to take a selfie.
They flipped a coin to decide who get the ticket. She is in a bad/good mood today.
I'm just not in the mood for the party.
He had the hiccups.
There was a slight hiccup in the timetable.
Don't let him spoil your evening.
Our trip was spoiled by bad weather.
My trips don't always go as planned.
There are often hiccups.
Like losing a card or missing a train.
I don't really see them as a jinks.
I know things always turn out fine in the end.
So I don't let anything spoil my mood.
The flip side is that sometimes I can be too careless when I travel.
Don't let that spoil your mood.
The party turned out to be great for everyone.
The flip side of having a pet is that it takes so much time.
He forgot to bring cash, it turned out to be a mistake.
He didn't show up as planned this morning.
Think about the flip side of the loss.
The project turned out to be a success.
Don't let a jinx spoil your mood.
The trip turned out to be a lot of fun.
The director's first movie turned out to be a masterpiece.
I was really nervous before the presentation, but it actually turned out great.
We had two slight hiccups at the beginning of the project.
The taxi didn't show up as planned, so I had to take the bus.
if + 现在时(表示将来的动作),sb might/could: 一种不是很强烈的可能。
If you try to take a shortcut, you could get lost.
If you try to take a shortcut, you will get lost.
If you discuss your salary with colleagues, you could get fired.
If you are nice to your boss, you might get a promotion.
If you talk to her about your feelings, she could understand.
Student might cheat on exam if they sit too close together.
If you don't go to the party tomorrow, you might finish your work on time.
backpack: go backpacking
We went backpacking in Spain last year.
I'd like to go backpacking in the countryside.
I may visit her if she's not too busy.
high school
middle school
primary school/ elementary school
summer holiday.
# 10/08## 
railing: 栏杆
She leaned over the railing.
ma'am: 女士It's not a big deal.
It's no big deal.
## LLS
* back up & backup
Are you sure they aren't backed up somewhere?
Have you backed up your phone?
He spend the whole day backing up all the documents.
He probably doesn't have a backup.
My computer have a backup of my photos.
I'm backing up my files from the phone onto my computer.
I have a backup of the files on my computer.
In the background
on the phone
I don't have enough money to cover my bill.
Can I pay by credit?
I barely make enough money to cover my bills every month.
Give me a high-five.
Give me five.
Most ships have railings along the edges to protect people from falling off.It's difficult for me to
Don't worry, your health insurance will cover thee cost of this dentist appointment.
The broom is leaning against the wall.
To celebrate the national holiday, we are going to hang a flag on our balcony railing.
to make a call
to make a phone call
If you'd like, I can take another picture for you.
Look at the camera and say "cheese".
Excuse me, would you mind taking a picture of my husband and me?
lead the tour.
Enjoy the tour.
* show thanks
That's very nice of you.
You shouldn't have made all that effort.
You shouldn't have.
You shouldn't have prepared/bought it.
I can't believe you did this.
Thank you for the money, you shouldn't have send it. // red packet
It's very kind/nice/sweet of you.necklace: 项链
dialog: 对话
I'm a huge fan of your books.
I should probably see the next person in line.
mystery novels: 悬疑小说
non-fiction: 虚构类文学,如小说
science fiction novels: 科幻小说
crime novels: 犯罪小说
# 10/07
## LLS
I kind of agree with you.
I wish I could speak English well and could find a better job.
I wish I had more money.
You're probably right.
I wish I had more time to read.
You should try reading other types of books.
It doesn't hurt to try something new.
It's already crowded there.
It's quite difficult to get around in here.
They are much more interesting.
Journey to the West.
Finishing my novel is huge accomplishment for me.
Getting a massage is a great way to get rid of stress.
Let me know if you change your mind.It's blast.
It's really disappointing that you can't see where I'm coming from.
I can see where he's coming from.
We will have a major problem if we don't improve our sales numbers.
That's a major accomplishment.
I'd like to go for something spicy today.
Do you think Tom would go for it.
I got promoted.
That sounds disappointing.
I tried to make personal connection with my onshore partners.##
Hang on to your dream.
Hang on to that rope, and don't let go.
The local kids hang out at the mall.
What's the difference between a biscuit and a cracker?
soda cracker
# 10/06
## LLS
mystery novel: 悬疑小说
My major in college was automation.
I majored in automation in university.
She is majoring in landscape design.
main character
supporting characters
There are many cartoon characters on her sweater.
Everyone hates the character he played in that movie.
The detective spent years to solve the case.I don't feel much romance in my life.
She feels that the romance has gone out of her marriage, so she wants a divorce.
classical/modern literature
This is a great piece of English literature.
Companies often use advertisements to promote a product.## pod
I'm not allergic to sea food, I just don't like them.
It's really tasty.
dealer: 经销商
He is a dealer in second-hand cars.
Love today; love tomorrow.This is still no vaccine against Covid-19, but there are a lot of vaccines on the way.Take care of yourself is productive.
It's important to spend your time productively.
Apple has stopped selling headphones and wireless speakers from rivals including Sonos, Bose and Logitech.# 10/05
## LLS
I always find a novel to read on a long flight.
fiction or non-fiction
a self-help book:励志书
a page-turner: 类似于手不释卷,但强调的东西不一样
this book is a must-read: 必读书
crime fiction: 犯罪类小说
I feel like I'm living his life.
His latest book is a real page-turner, I couldn't put it down.
I enjoy reading novels every night before going to bed.
Which one do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction?
I prefer non-fiction to fiction.
I wish I lived closer to my parents, but I live abroad.##
A great soul never dies, it bring us together again and again.
# 10/04
## LLS
I shouldn't have lie to you.
I shouldn't have shouted at you.
I broke up with Lisa yesterday.
You were a perfect match.
I should have been nicer to her.
What does that mean?
We were always fighting on small things.
I shouldn't have yelled at her.
Women don't like being shouted at that way.
This can't be the whole story.
Were you cheating on here? Sort of.
I know I was wrong, but the damage is done.
I don't think you can find another girl like her.
You should not have ordered so much food.
I should not have worn a suit to the party.
I should have bought a dress in different color.
He should have been here by now. I wonder what's going on.
I should have gone to bed earlier last night.
You shouldn't have drunk so much wine last night.
I should have taken subway to avoid the traffic jam.
I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?Don't be so mean.
Have a celebration party for her.
That's not true. She totally deserves it.
Cindy is just jealous of Betty.
It must be a fake.
There is no way that I can afford it.
It's hard for her to feel happy for other people.
Who knows.
We'd better stay away from that kind of person.
My kid was being bullied at school.It never hurts to try.
It never hurts to try your best.
It won't hurt you to help other people.
It doesn't hurt to ask if we have questions.
Let me check my schedule.
The project is behind schedule.
I'll set up a meeting for Friday.
Can you help set up an appointment with GM?
# 10/03
Don't slack off at work.
social media influencer: 网红
herd immunity: 群体免疫
## LLS
What a bummer.
It's a real letdown.
Sounds like their marriage is on the rocks.
I'm a slob every once in a while.
That's understandable.
Love comes and goes, but true friendship lasts forever.
Here is our schedule.
That's good, I guess.
When do you want to set up our next meeting?
We are working on a tight schedule.
We have a tight schedule.
Let me remind you that we are on a very tight schedule.
He is good at making work schedules.
The World Cup attracts a large audience every four year.
This book is a best-seller.
## twitter
I hope he gets well soon. I agree with you.
I hope that all affected by coronavirus around the country are getting the care they need and are on the path to a speedy recovery.
swift recovery
There is a lot at stake. //处于危险之中
We cannot afford to take risks when people's lives are at stake.
# 10/02
Have you vacuumed the living room?
a vacuum cleaner
clean energy
clean energy vehicles
I'm looking for some temporary work.
A temporary solution
The service is temporarily unavailable.
We have got a workaround.
Is there any job vacancy in your department?
Do you have any vacancies? I'm sorry, we have no vacancies.
# Hotel/airport
What time is breakfast served?
Do you serve breakfast?
Do you have room service?
Can I have your name? Can I have a receipt?
Can I pay by credit card?
How much does these cost? How much is that?
Keep the change.
I'd like something for my kid.
# The theory of relativity
special relativity and general relativity
Special relativity was originally proposed by Albert Einstein in a paper published on 26 September 1905 titled "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies"
General relativity (GR), also known as the general theory of relativity (GTR), is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and is the current description of gravitation in modern physics.
# wedding
maid of honor
flower girl/ring bearer
wedding reception
It's about time.
Don't be mean.
Their dresses look beautiful.
Wedding March:
Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" in C major:
At weddings in many Western countries, this piece is commonly used as a recessional. 退场时候
Richard Wagner's Bridal Chorus(Here Comes the Bride)新娘入场时
# 10/01
I will go to a wedding next Monday.
I'm going to a wedding.
[N]attend a wedding
The water is off at home.
What will you do when the power goes out?
You may experience power outages.
We don't have any money now.
I'm short of money.
The company is short of funds right now.
We are at the war.
the Second World War.
a trade war
I left my hometown 20 years ago and I rarely go back to it.
I've been away from hometown for 20 years.
[N] have left for 20 years.
He is leaving the company.
I'm starving.
The people are dying.
This old building is falling down.
The building is crumbling.
You have a cool beard.
I have to say you have a cool beard.
I think you guys should know Google Developers Certification, Associate Android Developer.
Are there anyone who has got this certification?
You know, it will cost us $200.
Is this certificate worth $200?
I know it needs us to write some code and then an interview, is hard or easy to pass?I'd like to evaluate this certification.
I want to try it and know details about it, the flow & the process.
It's not only for me.
You know there are many guys are transferring from web to mobile, and they want to learn Android skill through this way, on top of that to increase their confidence.
What is the value of this certificate?
That's a cool beard you have.
I have to say you have a cool beard.



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