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push one's buttons //使人有所反应a rule of thumb //估算或经验方法,比如炮兵用大拇指确定距离
As a rule of thumb,
He often works by rule of thumb.
A good rule of thumb is that a portion of rice is two and a half handfuls.
A good rule of thumb is one part rice and two parts water.
to be bound to do/be //一定会,很可能
It's bound to be sunny again tomorrow.
You've done so much work, you're bound to pass the exam.
skip //跳
She likes to skip rope as a warm-up.
My daughter is in (the) third grade. //年级
She got good grades on her exam. //评级
I came across children sleeping under bridges. //偶然遇到/发现The three wise monkeys.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
blue ocean market, red ocean market. //蓝海红海市场
The Thames. //泰晤士河
Out of sight, out of mind. //眼不见心不烦,眼不见为净,一般为贬义
He's always wiling to help others out.
When I bought the house, my sister helped me out with a loan.
Don't cut in line. She likes to jump the queue. //插队加塞
She kept cutting in on our conversation. //插嘴

# hj
a contract signing press conference. //召开签合同发新闻布会
start the poster and video shooting. //开始海报和视频的拍摄
start to shoot the poster and video
start advertising campaigns immediately. //广告宣传
Have a meeting with the cover designer.
Record in the studio.
Have dinner with band members.
Have a meeting about the promotion campaign.
Have a meeting with the band's agent. :经纪人
produce the new album.
check the plan for the production of the new album.
Don't forget we have a meeting this afternoon.
Don't forget to add salt.
I don't want you to be sad.
book a table/ticket/room
I want to book a table for tomorrow eight PM.
Let's go out to dinner tonight.
Any ideas what we could do on weekends?
Where we could go?
We need to discuss the plan in detail.
Would it be possible for me to take that task.
Let's check the plans for sth.
real estate agent. //房地产经纪人#
So how do you feel?
Are you under my spell? // 你中了我的咒语吗
Do you believe in God?
They need a leader they can believe in.
Aircraft carrier // 航空母舰
Raincoats can give us a certain protection.
bump the version. // 增加版本号
What does bump version stand for?
In the dark, I bumped into a chair. // 我撞上了椅子
Leave the door open, please.
Don't leave her waiting outside in the rain.
Phone cover // 手机套person plural: People
What is she like as a person? // 她的人品怎么样?
What sort of people would do a thing like that? //什么样的人会干那样的事情?
Hang on to that rope and don't let go.
Hang on to your dream.
That's valuable.
Reception room // 接待室
Receptionist // 接待员,前台人员
turnip // 大头菜,芜菁
summer squash // 西葫芦
to play squash // 打壁球
squash court // 壁球场
Big Brother is watching you.
Win Friends & Influence people. // 一本书名:赢得朋友和影响他人
He was convinced his phone was being tapped. // 他确信他的手机被监听了
World Trade Center // 纽约世贸中心We took a chance on the weather and planned to have the party outside. // 冒险
He took his chances and jumped into the water.
There is a school just across from our house. // 房子的对面有所学校
I'll be 5 minutes late. // 我会迟到5分钟
It's difficult to be objective. // 保持客观是很难的
An objective assessment/analysis/report
A highly subjective point of view. // 非常主观的看法
Everyone's opinion is bound to be subjective. // 每个人的看法注定是主观的
walk a tightrope. // 如走钢丝,冒险
I volunteered to take the penalty. // 我自愿主罚点球
He missed a penalty in the last minute.
We were awarded a penalty. // 我们得到了一个点球
This can leave you numb. // 这事可以让你麻木,让你变得麻木


I have the travel bug.
I've been bitten by the travel bug.
She was never interested in fitness before but now she's been bitten by the bug.
A pear of wisdom. // 睿智的语言
Thank you for those pearls of wisdom.
notch // V型切口,手机的刘海
fringes/bangs of hair // 头发的刘海
recliner // 躺椅
own goal // 乌龙球
herd immunity // 群体免疫
regular expression // 正则表达式
An ordinary sort of day.
Ordinary people like you and me.
I'm just an ordinary person.
We're just ordinary people.
This was no ordinary meeting. // 这次会议非同寻常
The outer suburbs of the city. // 城市的远郊,城市外围She dreams of running her own company.
I dreamed that I got that job.
mulberry tree // 桑树
in the downtown area. // 在区,下城区
an uptown girl. // 上城区,富人区的姑娘
# fj
Morrison is the third largest supermarket in the U.K. They have low price, a wide range of food, and friendly staff.
Tesco has smaller shops in the downtown area, and larger stores in the rural area. It also has a wide range of healthy food and it offers loyalty cards to their regular customers. Tesco also sells other products like TVs, washing machines, and furnitures.Sainsbury's is more expensive, but it has some reasonably priced products too. They offer many green and fair-trade products to their customers and quality is very important to them. Sainsbury's trains all of its staff to know more about their products.Make a supermarket more competitive:
- low price
- emphasizing quality
- friendly staff
- offering a wide range of products
- different sized shops
- offering healthy and organic food
- a loyalty card
- selling green and fair-trade products
How thick are the walls?
They are two feet thick.
A thick coat/book.
She urged him to stay.
The report urged that all children be taught to swim.
salient // 显著的 突出的
She pointed out the salient features of the new design.
He fled from the stadium with the police at/on his heel. // 警察紧追不舍
shoes with high heel.
in memory of our dearly beloved son, John. // 为了纪念我们的爱子Boxing Day // 英国的一个节日12/26,圣诞后第一个工作日blabber // 瞎扯胡说
What was she blabbering on about? // 她在胡说什么?
yap // 小狗叫
A yapping dog
The dogs yapped at his heels.
decaf/decaff // 脱咖啡因咖啡
I'll have decaf, please.
Regular coffee or decaf?
hideous // 十分丑陋的
A hideous face/building
A hideous crime // 骇人听闻的罪行
A flashy hotel // 奢华酒店
I just want a good reliable car, nothing flashy.
high-priced product
insult // 侮辱
I have never been so insulted in my life.
She felt insulted by the low offer.
thin on top
He's starting to get a little thin on top.
He's losing his hair.
Accor Hotels Group // 雅高酒店集团# fj
What about your company?
What makes your company competitive?
How can your company continue to improve?
What area does your company have to compete on? // 你们公司必须在哪些领域去竞争?
Hilton honours, guest loyalty program // 希尔顿荣誉,客户忠诚计划
An incentive to stay and to sleep with Hilton
Enable the regular user to collect points and air miles.
Hilton has hotels in over 120 countries around world.
We need more hotels in China and India and we plan to open 50 new hotels in China.
We need to keep our old hotels fresh and refurbished.
The hotel is closed for refurbishment.We have 1000 car parking spaces.
The ball room can seat 350 people.
Hilton is the best-known hotel brand name and has about 3600 hotels around the world.
Hilton is divided into 10 different brands.
Hilton Hotels were founded by Conrad Hilton over 80 years ago and has developed into the most recognized hotel name worldwide.
Can you tell us about the Hilton Hotel chain?
Company profile.
Tax incentives to encourage savings. // 鼓励储蓄的税收措施
disinfectant // 消毒剂
disinfect // 消毒
tweak // 稍稍调整
You just need to tweak the last paragraph and then it's done.
It's raining cats & dogs. // 下倾盆大雨
The game has been rained off again.
When I was in middle school, our sports classes were rained off in one semester.
the spring/fall semester // 春季秋季学期causality // 因果律#
Don't be grouch. // 不要抱怨
I'm heading to office.
The Shawshank Redemption // 肖申克的救赎
Pirates of Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
part // 角色
The part of Elizabeth was played by Cate Blanchett.
fat-free yogurt // 无脂肪的酸奶
tex-free incomings // 免税收入
a trouble-free life // 无忧无虑的生活


Useful tips on how to save money.
to leave a tip. // 留小费
He gave the waiter a generous tip. // 一笔慷慨的小费
commission // 委员会 佣金
A commission on human rights // 人权委员会
You get a 10% commission on everything you sell.
zero commission // 0佣金,美国股票服务提供商的免费交易
legal tender // 一个国家的法定货币fluctuate
Temperatures can fluctuate by 10 degrees these days.
jagged // 不平的,凹凸的
jagged rocks/edges
He will make his debut this week. // 他这周进行首次演出
I don't want to be laid off. // 我不想被裁员
lay-off // n.裁员
cynic // 愤世嫉俗者 悲观者
snack // 点心 快餐
Do you serve bar snack? // 你们卖快餐吗?
A snack lunch? // 午餐快餐
He shot hit the crossbar. // 他射门击中横梁
The ball hit the goalpost and bounced in. // 球击中门柱然后弹进去了
Bedtime story // 睡前故事outage // 停电期间
A power outage
There seemed to be no motive for the murder. // 谋杀案看不出动机
I'm suspicious of his motives. // 我怀疑他的动机
You look gorgeous.primary school.
Elementary school.
superficial analysis // 初略的分析,非常表面肤浅的
A superficial understanding of history // 对历史肤浅的认识
spring/summer/fall term // 一年三个学期
sprint/fall semester // 一年两个学期
during the president's first term in office // 在总统的第一个任期内
in terms of price ... // 关于价格
short/medium/long term
up-to-date equipment // 最新的装备bargain // 便宜货,但并不是贬义词
It's a bargain. //
The car is a bargain at that price. //
Reached an agreement // 达成协议
small talk // 闲聊
He is the everyday down to earth kind of person, I like to cooperate with him. // 他是那种每天脚踏实地的人,我喜欢和他合作。
He came down to earth when he was 40. // 40岁的时候他才踏实下来
bush // 灌木丛
A rose bush
I wonder if you can help me. // 不知你能否帮我
I wonder who she is. // 我在想她是谁
sweet pepper // 甜椒,柿子椒
black pepper, white pepper
pod // 豆荚
a pea pod // 豌豆荚
pea soup // 豌豆汤
chickpea // 鹰嘴豆